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The Company / Mobilfresno

The passion for furniture is the engine of Mobilfresno.

Since our foundation in 1976 until today, the main achievement has been to turn a small family business into a successful international company, specialized in high quality design furniture, reaching homes and hotels all over the world.

Thanks to the significant development of the Hotel Sector over the last 25 years, our Contract Division has acquired extensive experience as a manufacturer and contractor, with multiple examples of reference projects around the Globe.

Over the years, we have built strong business relationships with large hotel groups, becoming leaders in high-quality furniture. Our production capacity and flexibility allow us to offer a wide range of services to our clients, with different kind of customized projects.

In addition, we work on custom-made furniture and decoration development projects in private homes, collaborating with architects and decorators.

Business support program

Support program for companies in the Region of Murcia that have suffered the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 line zero cost.

Support program for participation in the Virtual Furniture / Contract Trade Mission Cameroon, Ivory Coast and France 2021.

International expansion

International expansion has also been an important achievement for Mobilfresno, which is why we dedicate a large part of our production to International Markets (Europe, the USA and South America, the Middle and Far East…). And our company attends and exhibits at the most prestigious Showrooms and International Fairs such as Milan, High Point (North Carolina), Paris and Cologne among others.

Contract & Residential

The Contract & Residential Department of Mobilfresno is specialized in equipping public buildings and provides our clients with a wealth of experience in planning and executing all kinds of projects, in which we offer our own designs and manufacture upon individual request from the customers.

Quality & Process

With an artisan approach to treat the wood and taking care of details throughout the process, we have managed to implement the most advanced machinery to add efficiency and the highest quality to our production process.

High-tech systems managed by qualified personnel allow us to offer high-quality furniture that exceeds the demanding standards of resistance and durability.
We study each project to make it unique. We know the sector and the characteristics of each project to determine the optimal distribution and the materials and finishes of the furniture and decoration. And after that, our team meets to share ideas and solutions to the needs of the project.

We develop the production plans for each element and carry out a 3D projection to show the most functional solutions, adapted to each client. Every project requires a personalized treatment.